Friday, April 22, 2016

5 New Ideas of Kitchen Design

Open to the Life
Model           : CERES I CORE-A
Manufacturer: LEICHT
Photography: © LEICHT Küchen AG

The LEICHT Ceres l Core-A design is a clear example of how contemporary kitchens have lost their traditional  aesthetics  in  order  to  integrate  better  with  the  rest  of  the  home.  Nowadays, kitchen
furniture  does  not  rely  simply  on  doors  and  drawers  as  its  main  components,  but  incorporates attractive shelves on which to display decorative elements that are more commonly associated with a living room than a kitchen.

Architect       : OTD Design & Development
Location        : Malibu, California
Photography  : © OTD Design & Development
If anything stands out in this home it is its privileged location, right on the beachfront in the gorgeous enclave of Malibu in California. This spectacular location drives the whole design of the house and, as you would expect, it also dictates the configuration of the kitchen—it is open and oriented toward the spectacular wooden deck that sits right on the sandy beach.

Industrial Style Evolution
Model             : Code Evolution
Manufacturer : Snaidero
Photography  : © Snaidero
Code Evolution is a kitchen design that recalls a vintage aesthetic, decidedly industrial with touches that  will  appeal  particularly  to  fans  of  Nordic  design.  The  stylish  Snaidero  kitchen  plays  with different  materials,  linking,  combining  and  personalizing  them  with  a  high-quality,  youthful, contemporary look that pays attention to the latest design trends.

The hoods conjure up images of the glow of portside lighthouses and lend an industrial feel to the

Geometric Volumes Combination
Model            : Elle
Manufacturer: Snaidero
Photography: © Snaidero

Snaidero’s Elle design proposes an evolution of the kitchen space: a concept that comes from careful architectural  study  and  finishes  up  with  different  layout  solutions,  characterized  by  a  series  of specific innovative components. This project is distinguished by its remarkable attention to detail, a project of proportions and series of planes that re-create the kitchen with originality.

With the doors overhanging the countertops, the door handles are more functional and easier to clean.

The Apartment
Architect           : Nook Architects
Location           : Barcelona, Spain
Photography: © NIEVE | Productora Audiovisual

Nook Architects produce a home that is designed with regular-shaped spaces to make the most of a limited-width facade and which is easily duplicable without leading to a sense of boredom. They encourage end users to customize their home to their individual style and needs.  In this case, the kitchen, dining and living room are located in the wider area, creating a central nucleus to the home.


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