Saturday, April 16, 2016

How To Gain 10 Kg Body Weight For Busy Skinny Guy, A Case Study

Max Walker(47 years old) had been slight his whole life and wanted to go from scrawny to
brawny before his holidays abroad. He decided on five goals:
1.  Add 10 kilograms of muscle mass.
2.  Develop arms he could flex with pride.
3.  Create abs that looked good on the beach.
4.  Find the time to exercise at least every second day.
5.  Have the confidence to take off his shirt in public.

The Problems
Mark is one of most prominent photographers and is always on the road. Eating a high-protein, high-calorie diet while travelling for work can be difficult. Max felt self-conscious about going to a gym for the first time, and his age meant he was at a muscle-building disadvantage.

The Solutions
Max bought a membership to a club that has multiple gyms around the country so that he could
find a gym when he travelled. He began using premixed protein shakes and packed a lunch every day to make sure that he always had enough of the correct nutrients to finance his muscle building. Max, a really friendly guy, grew to know just about everyone at each club, which made exercising seem like more like a social gathering. The fellow gym users eventually thought of him as one of their own and dished out advice and friendship, which made him keener to keep at it. Because Max was a total novice he added muscle easily, which more than offset any dis-advantage from his age.

The Eating Plan
Because Max has an incredibly fast metabolism, he had to develop a new appetite and make a change from his standard three-meals-a-day routine. When his packed lunches ran dry he filled up on high-protein meals wherever he could and followed the muscle-building nutrition plan in chapter 2. He occasionally paid an odd visit to a coffee shop, but the calories counted towards gaining muscle and bulk. His calorie-burning potential was naturally high so he never let hunger pains take root.

The Training
Max was a total beginner so pretty much anything would work, but he could risk injury and lack of motivation if the postworkout pain became too great. He followed the plan in chapter 5, which uses high reps and works the entire body in each session, to help his muscles gradually become accustomed to being put through their paces. He felt a little pain for the first two weeks, but after the initial shock wore off he loved the satisfying feeling that his muscles had been worked, and he gradually increased the weight and reduced the reps.

The Drive
Max' desire to take off his shirt in the summer months fuelled his exercise ambitions. He didn’t want to be the only one in his family snaps sporting a yoghurt complexion after a trip to Spain. Enjoying more time with his family became his inspiration, even though the demands of his job were stacked against him. He bought a five-month supply of protein, half of which was premixed, so he could take it with him wherever he went. This outlay may have been hefty but it sent a clear message to his subconscious that he was in it for the long run and that backing out would cost him more than just muscle.

The Results
Max gained more than 10 kilograms of lean muscle in just two months and maintained a lean waist. After two months his daughter commented that he looked like a model. If that’s not motivation enough to stick to it, then nothing is. Time to book another holiday.


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