Friday, April 15, 2016

What You Need to Know If You Want To Be An Interior Designer

This is just an idea of the things that you will be taught in accordance to your specialty. Interior design for a home is slightly different than commercial design. The needs for a home are quite different. Materials are different as well. When you chose a specialty, you will learn all of the basics in design, but also how to deal with, and get clients effectively. That is where things are quite different. You would not approach a company in the same manner that you might approach a homeowner. The ability to read and design blue prints

  1. Knowledge of color coordination and painting 
  2. Difference between furniture brands and styles 
  3. How to coordinate and organize a room to create a comfortable environment. 
  4. How to correctly estimate the length and size of materials needed 
  5. How to correctly estimate the amount of paints or wallpapers needed 
  6. How to maximize interior space to the room’s advantage. 
  7. How to communicate your ideas effectively to your client 
  8. Basic marketing skills are needed to further your business 
  9. How to correctly identify different types of furnishings, and to incorporate that knowledge into a legitimate design plan. 
  10. How to create an environmental plan because this is a practical, conducive and esthetic approach to your eventual goal of raising productivity, and selling your merchandise. 
  11. How to explain space planning, lighting, layout and color schemes to your clients. People often like to know why you are doing the things that you are doing. 
  12. How to arrange carpets, accessories, drapes and wall coverings. 
  13. Knowledge of fine arts, sculptures, music etc. These will often be included in your design changes and must incorporate properly into the area. (you would not want to hang a Picasso in a Victorian themed room)  


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