Sunday, April 17, 2016

Eat These to Boost Your Libido

You don’t need pharmaceuticals to reclaim your manhood. All you need to do is step into the kitchen and eat the right foods. Here’s what should be on your menu.

•  Watermelon.
 It’s a whole lot tastier than a pill and has the same effect. Researchers at the University of Texas (Jayaprakasha, Chidambara Murthy and Patil, 2011) found that the citrulline in watermelons makes more blood flow south. You don’t even need a prescription.

•  Dark chocolate. 
In a study from the University of California at San Francisco (Engler et al., 2004), blood vessel dilation increased by more than 10 per cent in participants who ate 50 grams of low-sugar dark chocolate per day.

•  Berries. 
Forget about bringing coffee and toast to bed; bring the raspberries and strawberries. You lose 9 per cent of your daily zinc intake when you ejaculate. The berries will replenish the zinc you lose—five milligrams, or one third of your daily requirement—making them the perfect snack to eat between romps.

•  Peanut butter. 
Sign on for the Skippy diet. Studies have found that men who ate diets rich in monounsaturated fat—
the kind found in peanuts—had the highest levels of testosterone, which will help you grow big muscles and have firmer erections.

•  Pomegranate juice. 
Turf the orange juice because a study at the University of Cal-ifornia (Azadzoi et al., 2005) found that pomegranate juice boosts blood flow to your nether regions thanks to its high levels of antioxidants. It doesn’t taste half bad, either.


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