Friday, April 15, 2016

Working In Education Sector

With government-backed financial incentives and a shortage of teach-ers, it’s a good time to find work in this sector. Teachers are required at all levels, from pre-school to post graduate, with the greatest need at inner city secondary schools. Teachers still complain there is too much paperwork and red tape eating into time they would rather spend in the classroom and there is a high drop-out rate.

However, qualified teachers can insure themselves against unemployment in recessions and often get preferential visa status if they want to work abroad. There is also the holiday factor that attracts a lot of parents into the profession – you can be off school when your kids are and save on childcare costs. Careers in education extend beyond teaching in schools of course and include disciplines as varied as educational psy-chology, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and grounds-keeping.

Career paths
With so many vacancies it’s possible to move up the ranks to become a head of department or to increase take-home pay by taking on extra-curricular duties. Experienced teachers may choose to apply for deputy headships and headships. Universities also need staff and it’s possible to lecture part time on specialist subjects without extensive teacher training.

Entry points
Vacancies are frequently advertised in the national, local and special-ist press. You can get (unpaid) classroom experience as a teacher’s assistant in many schools. 160 sector-by-sector information for career changers

You need a degree to start teacher training and must have your Post Graduate Certificate in Education before you can apply for teaching work.

Salary information
Newly qualified teachers can expect a starting salary of between £17,000 and £21,000. Teachers with seven years’ experience can look to be earning more than £25,000 outside London. Head teachers of
schools that perform well in inner cities are being incentivized with salaries up to the £80,000 mark.


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